Fight or Flight, March 2018

Leah Aripotch’s first solo exhibition, Fight or Flight, opened on March 10th, 2018. The show featured a wide range of her work, spanning several series, and countless studio hours. Being as it was her first solo show, she sought to introduce herself in a way that tells the story of where she came from and where she was going with her work. The show consisted of some of her early formative work, some never before seen sculptures from her new monster series, and her entire execution series that came in between. She also had a select collection of her jewelry pieces on display, including some of her iconic pieces from Fashion Week.


Leah Aripotch is an Oakland based metal fabrication Sculptor. Through a tedious process of hand building and fabricating creatures using steel stock, she brings forth detailed manifestations of her deepest insecurities and fears. Aripotch earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Sculpture from Academy of Art University in 2012.

Her work has been shown in Galleries and Museums throughout the U.S.