Next event: Anja Ulfeldt L&F artist in residence.

time peace web bannerOn Saturday April 11th from 4-8PM Lost & Foundry is proud to present a site specific installation by the fabulous Anja Ulfeldt.  Anja will be the first Artist in Residence at L&F.  She’s been working in the gallery, and in the studios for a few weeks now and we’re all really excited to see the final result soon.


Time Peace is the culmination of a 5-week residency featuring a series of rotary devices that measure time and symbolize its passage. Six wall-mounted sculptures act as something akin to a rock tumbler, accelerating the process of daily wear and tear on objects donated by the public, gradually doing away with the associations and memories surrounding them. Containing special combinations of these donated specimens of human accumulation, and curated for maximum interaction, these kinetic sculptures move both human and object forward in time.

A large scale free-standing sculpture, The Hustle (working title), invites visitors to enter one of two walks of life: one a fast-moving hustle, the other a seductively soft resting place. These take the form of rotary drums sharing an axle and transmission. The gearing is designed so that the movement of the fast-paced climbers eventually destabilizes those lounging on the slow-moving side. These artworks are not passive objects, but rather they demand our awareness, one moment at a time. They examine the way we as a society assign value, build value systems, and accumulate perceived wealth.



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