Kim Miskowicz “In Circulation” opens January 27th.

IN CIRCULATION is a solo exhibition of new collages by the artist Kim Miskowicz.  This show at Lost & Foundry Studios includes two premieres of larger works from Miskowicz’ fictional landscapes created from found recording chart papers from the Black Hole Surplus in Los Alamos, NM. The Black Hole Surplus was a large thrift store from the collections of a former Los Alamos National Labs machinist and technician, Ed Grothus. Miskowicz renders vast landscapes by cutting, tearing, and gluing each layer of paper to add depth and texture.  Miskowicz also uses the variety of paper thickness and printed patterns to guide the viewer into skies, water, and pilings of unknown formations. These rough-edged horizons with sediment-filled crevices contain criss-crossing, overlapping lines that are used to graph formations and devise places that exist in these papers.

Facebook event here.

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