Jeff Hantman


Lost & Foundry Co-Director Jeff Hantman received a BFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995 and has been living and working in the Bay Area for 20 years. His studio is packed full of weathered objects, plywood scraps, 2×4’s, gears, and lights. As a kid he disassembled toys to discover
their inner workings, and his earliest memory is of taking apart toy Hess trucks.

In 2009 he attended Djerassi in Woodside, CA where he refined his use of bent plywood techniques. The following year he received a fellowship from the KALA Art Institute in Berkeley, CA. It was during this time that he created large format 4­color separations which he then incorporated into large scale mixed media works on wood. In 2012 he attended the AIR artist in residence Krems program in Austria, and the Recology artist in residence program in San Francisco, CA. At Recology he fully dove into scavenging every scrap of wood, plastic and metal he encountered.

His studio is now part of Lost & Foundry Oakland which houses 12 artists who all share a similar love of hoarding/collecting and building.

Artist Statement

It is not until I chip a molar that I become aware of how my teeth rest against each other. It is discomforting and unsettling but I cannot help explore the broken tooth with my tongue. My work has evolved because of a similar curiosity. I explore the possibilities of working with plywood in an unconventional way because it challenges me despite sometimes being unsuccessful.

As I travel I am drawn to structures and places that have been neglected and left to deteriorate under the sun and their own weight. As time passes and memories fade I try to recall places I visited once, the feeling of scraping a knee on the sidewalk or the pattern on the ceiling of my bedroom. If I could capture these places and objects my paintings would be a small collection of remnants from these journeys.